A B O U T   M E

Hi, my names Olly. A 22 year old creative from East Sussex in the UK. 
My creative journey to becoming a freelancer goes a little like this. Studying media production at university level just wasn't getting me in the direction I wanted. I very quickly realised that forging my own path with the right circles of people was the way forward. I balanced a full time hospitality job for 4 years alongside study until the creative work took over. 
I'm now where I'm at through working with a small but incredibly close circle of clients I now prefer to call friends. 
Working within industries that span from motorsport to corporate, music to property and with working relationships built on trust and friendship. Opportunities have taken me internationally to New York, Rhodes and Barcelona to name a few and I don't intend on stopping there!
This journey has only just begun and my mind is always open to the next big thing!
Do you know what that could be?
Thank you!
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